white sauce hot sauce

from this drawing came this print. i think i was drunk making both of these. or i am drunk now.


tiger woods gal pal

update on this breaking story here

this is the inside of my head

i don't even want to get into it right now


soaking the cheese

but then i decided it should be raining


hangover prep

there i said it. be-vis-a-vis. i meant it. felt gooood. thanks keanu.


formerly truthful

this is a collaborative print i did with my friend evan back in 2000 while i was doing a residency at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. We ended up with about 50 prints and 100 drawings. good times.


some things are best avoided

disaster, sometimes closer than i think.


the fake blues

tell the captain

i made this drawing last spring sometime after my birthday and then into a print in the fall. it (the print) took way too long. the narrative just got all stuck. stuck i say.

eag gull?

i WISH i could paint like this! but instead just get animals all wrong when i draw them.
painting by anonymous. and for sale at s dumbo flea market


the studio

this is my printmaking set up. almost time for an open studio to really break it in!

for rebecca, thanks for all the help!