le p'tit orage du nord

chalet à louer

and so this was actually the first print i made in quebec.
man, the countryside. everyone was so nice and the air and quiet were just marvelous.
i feel a bit burnt out.

in french i own a small vocabulary

weird that i didn't post these in order. this is the last etching i made during my residency in val david, quebec.

si les souhaits étaient des chevaux

this is an update from the previous version posted below
a little more wave, a little less hair. you know, the usual.


outdoor life

like my work at home in new york, these are 9x12 etchings using a variety of techniques.

la vie exterieur

the first overdue dispatch from my residency in québec.
i spent the first week adjusting to the new studio and whining about a needed root canal.
and though i feel i need another week now that i am on a roll, week two has been very productive.