the veiling

i just love the way this fabric shimmers and hugs the shoulder.
aka-fiberglassing the hull round one.


weekend update

my boat needs more strength. so i am going to bolt on some steel rails.
this machine bends steel bars. they need "sheer", the vertical dip in the hull from bow to stern, and sideways curve to form the widest point at the beam to the narrowest at the bow and stern.

the result? after much fussing the steel fits the shape of the hull perfectly!

a hole every 12 inches, countersunk and threaded to hold it all in place. the bolts will be trimmed flush with the back of the rail.

but... there are some cracks in the cedar strip hull. so i have decided to fiberglas it. a guy is coming tomorrow.
this is getting out of hand.
it will be pretty amazingly strong i think once all this is done. for real. gimme strength.


the uprising

looks so tall! and darren is 3 feet off the ground too.
next we will figure out the exact angle i want it to sit at and we can start the footing.
Oh, and the board with holes in it, represents the amount of the bow that will be underground.
standing on the ladder, darren is demonstrating someone standing at ground level.


night vision

darren's impulse drawings during our brainstorming session.
my friends rob and pablo along with darren made for a most productive time.
thanks my dudes

rob has a few photos on his weblog too


nice to meet you

you seems larger than i had figured

ain't the best for mileage but you looks pretty sweet

mind if we lookatchyer thwart?



i know i don't usually write about posts but today i make an exception.
this is the rowboat i bought and just picked up from shady side maryland. a 17 hour day in total which is kind of epic, but here she is. a brand new (unfinished) whitehall hull! so beautifully made and all safe and sound at darren's shop. next comes a ton of work to get it ready for installation.


now this is happening

this just in. i received a sculpture commission from the Randall's Island Sports Foundation.
all i need now is a 17' rowboat. see maquette below!