weekend update

my boat needs more strength. so i am going to bolt on some steel rails.
this machine bends steel bars. they need "sheer", the vertical dip in the hull from bow to stern, and sideways curve to form the widest point at the beam to the narrowest at the bow and stern.

the result? after much fussing the steel fits the shape of the hull perfectly!

a hole every 12 inches, countersunk and threaded to hold it all in place. the bolts will be trimmed flush with the back of the rail.

but... there are some cracks in the cedar strip hull. so i have decided to fiberglas it. a guy is coming tomorrow.
this is getting out of hand.
it will be pretty amazingly strong i think once all this is done. for real. gimme strength.


  1. Strength cometh to you! It looks simply amazing, I am speechless Ol Greg. Wow! Can't wait to see it installed for reals. Will it be up on the weekend of July 2-3-4?

  2. barring any disasters it will be up from june 26 until november.
    we can go see it!

  3. ok i will try to finish it then.