forces at play

ok so today i finished putting the steel rails on. it was stressful (pun intended). as i mentioned before i needed to re-shape these rails so they would match the contours of the boat. we got them pretty close but not perfect, so they had to be flexed as i put in bolts. as you can imagine 2" x 3/8 steel bars become harder to bend the shorter they become which resulted in the bow cracking away from the stem right at the top. sooo...

i had one of darren's welders weld in a brace in front of the bow to stop the rails from torquing the bow apart. phew. i have to do this at the back of the boat too. for tonight the stern is being squished by a big bar clamp. nooo problem, i will just keep making it up as i go along until i am done or whatnot.

did i mention that the wood and fiberglas were nearly on fire while being welded? because they were.

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