calling in sick

i want a hole here. across the east river you can see Queen's and the RFK (triboro) bridge. looking from Randall's Island. today i called in sick so i could be on site to receive a concrete delivery.

yesterday the park was kind enough to dig the hole for the base of my boat with a backhoe.
excellent although i realized today at the last minute that it was 10" too shallow. this made for some furious digging for the hour before the truck came with the concrete. 6' x 6' x 10" is a lot of dirt to fling out of a four and a half foot deep hole. in case you were wondering. 25 cubic feet or so. also, i did a lot of digging too not just pablo. pablo is the best.

the truck came early and featured a real grumpy large stogie chewing stereotype. he was none too patient but i swear the hole had 5-6000 pounds of concrete in it and he was rolling out of there in about 2 minutes. if i wasn't scared of him i would have taken his picture.

and i dunno, it doesn't seem quite right to blab about the hole and the concrete without showing said concrete. pretty fascinating i know. after this we drove all the way to jersey city and sanded the rails and sole of the boat for about an hour. we then primed the entire inside of the hull and the rails. i was in a total rush by the end of painting and didn't snap a photo though. get over it.
i will tomorrow.


  1. I am speechless. This project could go on the list of "101 things to do before you die" (which my mom keeps in the bathroom for some inspired reading): Frantically dig a hole on an island in New York City and erect a boat upright in it. CHECK for Ol Greg!