learning curves

so today we glassed the inside of the hull. this is dennis the boatbuilding expert. he is cutting fiberglass mat around the seat rail and back of the boat. this is probably just like the boat he built for billy joel. but maybe not.

 then we filleted the floor timbers. filleting uses epoxy resin reinforced with colloidal silicate. whatever that is. it is thick like icing and is put in with a curved spatula to make a small radius. then fiberglass mat is laid over that. the result is super strongness in the floor timber dept.

the last thing we did was put in the post for the transom seat. the boat is upside down and you are looking at the back.  get over it. as you may notice this was filleted also. super strongness again.
this only took about 13 hours! but for the first time in 2 weeks i feel like my list of things to do got significantly shorter.

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