so here are the updates from the boat sculpture project that has hijacked my blog.
yesterday pablo and i put the first coat of primer on the hull. needless to say it has changed things considerably

then today we put on the keel aka "strongback". it was a bit of an epic because we had to lay out epoxy along the hull where the keel sits and then once we placed it, it had to be bolted down before the epoxy started to set.

and to make it more interesting the guy who originally made the boat, broke the keel while making it.
so we had to fix it while attaching it. i know, right? get over it.


  1. soooooooo pretty looking!! like moby dick but more friendly

  2. dear rowboat: I can't wait to have a picnic by your feets.

  3. dear rowboat friends. what is taking so long for you to picnic all the time.